I was actually having a great day when I wrote this one! To really get it, just remember back to when you were six or seven years old and walking home after having been at a friends’ house too late at night.

I started playing with tri-tones at a piano one summer day, and thought the D-flat to G tri-tone sounded quite interesting and thought it would sound cool in choral form. And then I decided to make each voice part in essentially a different key. Not a huge performance challenge, right?

A slightly odd and interesting text was given to me by a fellow student, a mezzo-soprano. Written by William Blake, it sparked my interest. After looking at some of his other writings, I found two more that I was interested in. "The Clod and the Pebble", "Love's Secret" and "Hear the Voice" are the three poems that I've worked from, the first being a soprano solo, the second for baritone, and the final song a duet.