A bassoon feature written for a fellow student. It's main thread is the switching back and forth from 5/8 time and 6/8 time. It spans almost the entire range of the instrument - at a pretty good tempo, making it quite a challenge.

After reading an historical novel based on the early life of Genghis Khan, I was intrigued by a concept the author had come up with - Khan's 'cold face': the man's expressionless face that somehow let you know that he was, in fact, out thinking you. A face that had made it through many years of harsh Mongolian winters. A woodwind quintet seemed like the best ensemble to convey that idea musically.

A fun little experiment in twelve-tone writing, with some tri-tones going on at the same time.

Intended to tell the story of a ship stuck at sea during a storm, and the calm that bookends it.

Written on a sort of 'mini-dare' from a family member that wanted me to write something small. The first movement was written over a day, and the rest followed after the end of a holiday break from school.

Knowing that one of my ultimate goals is to write music for film, I decided to write a trio of pieces that sound kind of like movie music. Each movement is representative of a tone or idea that might show up in a film (indeed, friends have told me that the music is done... we just need to make the film!).