Sometimes creative things arise because of horrible things. Hearing about the Sandy Hook shootings rocked me, and I took solace in writing.

A quick and simple tune to help someone fall asleep. That was the goal, anyway.

Another commission from a fellow cellist, I wanted to write a set of pieces that were about either different techniques, or that relied on basic compositional tools (e.g., the 2nd movement is almost all modulations).

Originally conceived as a work for a chorus of people blowing across pitched water bottles, the lack of enough people to play said water bottles shelved the work. It was later re-birthed as a electronic piece, using a sampled recording of a water bottle pitched at a B.

Centered around a few little melodic fragments that I was messing around with on the piano one day, this piece is meant to give the feeling of what might be going on in a person's mind while they walk around and wander.