The Castle of Four Doors - dir. Christopher Lamb © 2018

And adaptation of the opera “Bluebeard” by Bela Bartok.

This short film is a modern interpretation of a silent film - complete with dialogue cards! But don’t expect something that feels old-timey… there’s handheld camera work, zooms, and color! I was asked to compose a modern score, which was performed by musicians from the Spokane/Coeur d’ Alene area that I had the honor to conduct.

The opening of the film is an overture and mood-setter at the same time. There’s a bit of suspense at the beginning, but then I leaned hard into the overture aspects, introducing the main themes of the film: Bluebeards and the leading lady, Judith (there’s a third main theme, but it isn’t introduced in this cue).

Wonder at the sight of Bluebeard’s riches turns to horror as Judith realized they are covered in blood.

Finally conceding to Judith’s wish, Bluebeard gives her the key to the final door of the castle, and the truth of what happened to his past wives is revealed to Judith (only the beginning of the cue).

"Fruit Therapy" - 50-Hour Film Slam (Team "I Know Kung Fu") © 2018

A group of people talk about what brought them to an unusual group therapy session.

This short needed a light but quirky sounding main theme that would run under most of the short (allowing for cut-a-ways to each 'incident').

"Escaping Christmas" - Thundering Kitten Productions © 2017

Two sisters take a trip away from the holidays, but end up helping with Christmas instead.

The opening titles contain the main theme that gets used throughout the short.

Wrapping up the short required a lot of different tones and emotions, in a very short amount of time. The high-speed variation of the main theme was a fun bit to write!